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NinjaBot: World of Warcraft Commands

NinjaBot: World of Warcraft Commands


World of Warcraft Commands

Associating Your Discord Server With a Guild on WoW

You can associate NinjaBot with your guild on WoW. A lot of the other commands will use the Discord server -> WoW guild association by default.

Setting guild association


  • This command requires that the user/issuer is at least able to kick members from the Discord server
    *reasoning* If the user can kick people, they can probably be trusted to change the bot's Discord server <-> WoW realm association

To associate your server with your guild in WoW, use the following command:
*Region currently can be either US/EU.

!set-guild realmname, guildname, region

Example 1 (us):

!set-guild azgalor, wheresmymoneyman

Example 2 (eu):

!set-guild silvermoon, rome in a day, eu

Getting guild association

To get the current server <-> guild association, use the following command:




Automatically Watch Logs From

NinjaBot can automatically post the latest report found from To enable this feature, simply type the following in the channel you'd like the logs auto-posted to:



Performing an Armory Lookup

NinjaBot can perform armory look ups. 

To look someone up, use

!armory charactername


!armory charactername realmname


!armory charactername realmname region

The command will first try to find someone that is in the guild that is associated with your Discord server. If there is no match there, it will then look for the top match in all of armory. Region can be either us or eu. For help on using the command, simply use !armory.

Example 1:

!armory oceanbr

(this will find oceanbreeze, as that is my character name, and it matches that based on the fact that I am member of the guild associated with my Discord server)

Example 2:

!armory swolja eonar

Example 3(eu)

!armory slaqua silvermoon eu

Getting Logs (Via

NinjaBot can get you the latest three parses from Warcraft Logs associated with your guild. This command (in its default state) also relies on the Discord server <-> WoW guild association.

To get the latest logs, use:



!logs realmname, guildname


!logs realmname, guildname, region

Region can be either us or eu.

Example 1:


(I doubt there are any for the guild I'm in, so below is the result of that)

Example 2:

!logs thunderlord, ur key ur carry

Example 3(eu):

!logs silvermoon, rome in a day, eu

Example 4 (personal logs by username):

!logs name gngrninja


NinjaBot can list the most commonly used items for crafting/raiding in the latest expansion. The command will perform a lookup based on the realm your Discord <-> guild association is set to.

To list out the auctions, use:

!wow auctions


!wow auctions realmname

Example 1:

!wow auctions

Example 2:

!wow auctions area-52

WoWProgress Rankings

NinjaBot can get rankings from WoWProgress.

To perform a lookup (which will use your Discord <-> guild association by default), use:

!wow rankings


!wow rankings realmname, guildname


!wow rankings realmname, guildname, region

Region can be either eu or us.

Example 1:

!wow rankings

Example 2:

!wow rankings destromath, deviant

Lookup Realm Information

NinjaBot can lookup information for a given realm.
This command will default to the region set with !set-guild.
To lookup a realm, use:

!realm-info realmname


!realm-info thunderlord

List a character's gear

To get started with the !gearlist command, you can simply type:


Example 1 (guild match):

!gearlist ocean

Example 2 (realm and name match):

!gearlist swolja eonar

Example 3 (eu)

!gearlist slaqua silvermoon eu

Top 10s from Warcraftlogs

NinjaBot can get the top 10 dps/hps from the latest raid. To get started, use:


Example (list):

!top10 list

Example (first fight, all from realm):

!top10 1

Example (first fight, guild only, normal):

!top10 1, guild, dps, normal

Raider IO Player Lookup

NinjaBot can lookup player information from Raider.IO.

Use the following command for help:


Example (for finding player gypsy):

!rpi gypsy
gypsy example.PNG

Raider IO Guild Lookup

To lookup your guild’s stats from Raider.IO, use:


M+ Affix Lookup

NinjaBot can lookup the current week’s affixes by using: